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  1. We did the math and there are going to be A LOT of bottles! You guys have some serious work ahead of you! We hope that we found some new species for the BOLD library. If you happen to find a COMPLETELY new species with no scientific name, we would like to humbly suggest you call it: Kolaschoolus creepus! We are really looking forward to getting our results! Thank you for sending us the Malaise trap and all the good stuff!!!


    1. Hello Kola School!

      You sure are right – we have quite a bit of work to do! We expect to have 134 sample bottles returned to us, each with hundreds of specimens in them!

      I’ll give you a little sneak peek into what we know so far about your sample submissions:

      Week 1: You collected 287 specimens!
      Week 2: You collected 580 specimens!

      We are quite sure you will have a few that are new to BOLD and we have made a note of your species name if we happen to find a new one 🙂

      Thanks for participating and we look forward to issuing your results soon!

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