Thoughts from a few Précieux-Sang students

As we get ready to set up our Malaise trap tomorrow morning, our 6th grade students are anxious to see what kind of creatures we will catch over the next two weeks. Here are some thoughts from a few of our students:

My thinking for this project is that we’re going to have a lot of fun but it will be weird at the same time. I hope we catch a lot of bugs and maybe even some rare ones!  I’m really excited for this project. Here in Winnipeg, it’s pretty warm and I guess we’re gonna get a lot of creepy crawlies!

-Saeed Saeed, 6M

Hey! We’re from Manitoba and we want to say hello and wish you good luck. We are so glad to be having this experience with a bunch of schools across the country. What if we find some poisonous spiders or scorpions? The experience seems fun and we hope we will do well!

-Gabriel Laplante, 6M

I think there will be a lot of flies – but they might be ones that aren’t discovered yet!. We are all excited about this activity because we want to know if there will be cool insects in the trap.

-Zacharie Bouchard, 6S

I can’t wait to get started on this project! I think it’s going to be really fun because we get to catch insects we might have never seen before. I wonder what kind of insects we’re going to find – probably a lot of flies and common flying bugs. I don’t think we will get a grasshopper – it’s not the right time of the year for them.

-Nastassja Loiselle, 6S


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  1. Hello Ecole Precieux-Sang,

    Thank you for your thoughts! We are glad that you are excited about the project and are curious to see what you collect. This is the program’s first time sampling in Manitoba so we are sure you will find several species that we have not come across before!

    Keep up the great blogging work.

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