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I Tawt I Taw an Awtropoda Twap

I did, I did taw an awtropoda twap!



Hey Petri! You’re just “winging” this selfie thing, eh!


Does this thing dispense bird seeds?


You wanna talk about the birds AND the bees?


A selfie inside a selfie.


I look better from the side. Do my cheeks look green?



Petri the Green Cheek Conure (Pyrrhura molinae) and the Grade 11’s @ John Polanyi CI want to thank BIO for the great opportunity to study the arthropod diversity on our school grounds. Though we are sad to see the trap go, we are excited to get the results in a few short weeks.

Hope we win the selfie contest!

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The Trap Came Down :(

It was a cold, and somber afternoon. Students were sad that it was time to take the Malaise trap down. Fed Ex will be here in the morning. Mrs. Muir thought with the freezing temperatures for this evening that it would not make much of a difference.

This was a great few weeks. We look forward to getting our results back and that of the others from Canada’s participating schools.


And now some bad luck…

Over the weekend our trap was vandalized again. This time all the pegs were stolen and one of the poles were broken. ¬†Mrs. Kendrick had to dig through her garage to find the pegs that go with her inflatable Christmas decoration so that we could set up again. We taped the pole back together with duct tape and a stick for stability, but it’s not nearly as good as it was. It is up and working though and we’ve caught a weird red bug. We can’t wait to see what it is!

St. Peter’s grade 6 class,¬†Unity, Sk.

IMG_3945 IMG_3946

Wednesday May 5th The pond life

Since Monday it has been really warm (25 degrees in Eastern Ontario).  We noticed that our insect count has lower dramatically since we put our trap near our pond.  The insects are different such as mosquitoes, spiders, and smaller.  We had lots of flies on the edge of the woods and now in the forest in the pond, only two.  Hope to catch a few more before Friday!IMG_0943 IMG_0953 IMG_0979 IMG_0980

Hello from West Vancouver

Hello World!
We are an¬†IB Biology 11 class located in West Vancouver, right on the west coast of the pacific ocean. Our Malaise trap will be set up right in our school’s backyard, 10 min away from the beach and twenty minutes below the tree line of Cypress mountain. This unique environment is home to many interesting animals, and with the help of out Malaise trap, we might even discover a whole new species! (written by Jana Rankov, Gr. 11)
IMG_4967 IMG_5021