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End of Week 1

The first week of our collection has been a success!  The trap remained intact all week and was not disturbed.  Mornings overall have been very cool, while our highs have been quite high.  Day temperatures are ranging between 5C in the morning and 20C in the late afternoon.  The winds blew in today, so we actually took the entire trap down for the weekend and will re-stake it on Monday morning.


This is our total catch for week 1.

We’ll be back at it on Monday for week 2!

Local Predators Set Up Camp in the Trap


The Malaise Trap at Elmvale District High School is slowly filling up with bugs. On Wednesday, two mantids were taking advantage of the trap to make their search for food easier.  Our class is not sure how many insects that were on their doomed path to the alcohol bottle were consumed by the mantids.  However, the mantids themselves seemed to have themselves been added to our catch volume.



W.R. Best – Setting the Malaise Trap

Our class (Mr. Stormes’ Class) along with Mrs. Joslin’s Class set up a Malaise trap on Sept 22 in the farmer’s field just outside of Barrie, Ontario. Hopefully after two weeks we will have some new insects. The Malaise trap is designed to trap flying insects and after two weeks we send our results to the BIO lab for research. After a bit we will receive the info of if we discovered any new species. If not, we still get to see what we caught.

How the Malaise trap catches flying insects is simple. The insects will fly threw the trap that looks like a tent and avoid bars that look like obstacles to the insect, then it will go toward the sky and hit screening and go into the collecting bottle. We’re hoping to catch a lot of flying critters.

IMG_0192 IMG_0182 IMG_0189

Reminder: Report Collection Volume Tomorrow!

Hello #bioSMTP participants,

We hope everyone is having a good first week of insect collecting!

This email is a reminder to remove the collection bottle from Week 1 from the trap by the end of tomorrow (Sept. 25).  Be sure to secure the cap back onto to the bottle and store it out of direct sunlight (cool, dark, secure place). Remember to install the bottle for Week 2 on Monday, Sept. 28th (no collecting will take place over the weekend).

ALSO! – At some point tomorrow, don’t forgot to let us know how your collection is coming along. Refer to the tick lines marked along the side of the bottle to give us an estimate as to how many insects you have collected so far as well as how the weather has/will be for your area. If the insects fall below the first tick line, please try to do a rough count of the specimens if possible.

Please feel free to blog about your collection volume in order to share your findings with students from across Canada. You may also tweet/blog pictures of your collection bottle @SMTP_Canada. Comments are enabled on our blog so that you will be able to respond to other school’s posts!

Great work so far & happy collecting!


The School Malaise Trap Program Team

Lady Bugs on Day 3!

Today is a beautiful day.  It is nice and sunny with a little breeze.  Our Malaise Trap has been undisturbed so it is good to know that our location is secure.  We have collected about 1 cm of bugs so far.  We can see that many of them are ladybugs!  We can see ladybugs crawling on the trap as well. -Kiera, Laura, Erika and Abigail

Our bottle is filling up!
Our bottle is filling up!
Ladybugs everywhere!
Ladybugs everywhere!

Success! Insects eager to bee (pun intended) a part of the study.


The Malaise trap is fully deployed at Elmvale District High School.  The students here are a-buzz (pun fully intended) with curiosity and excitement. The weather is perfect for flying insects in Elmvale this week – lots of sun and warm temperatures during the day.

Our First day’s catch:


Note: We will stop with the puns now.

Day 2 – Taking Observations!

Although it was damp and cloudy, our first check up on the Malaise trap was successful! We discovered that there were already some bugs in the trap and even as we were examining it, we observed that more bugs were attracted to the trap. We hope for another successful day of trapping tomorrow and are excited to see how the results vary with changes in weather and time! -Maryka, Joannie and Rebecca

Taking Observations
Taking Observations
We have bugs!
We have bugs!