Disappointing? Maybe, maybe not…

I’ve been bragging about how great the fall fields are here at the Blair Outdoor Education Centre.  But that sure isn’t evident by the low catch volume returned to SMTP today.  While the fields were buzzing daily, not nearly as many insects as I expected were intercepted by the trap.  I changed trap locations, but didn’t want to “manipulate” the outcome of the process – bad science!

A fly - tachinid?
A fly – tachinid?

Maybe in the end some tiny creature will end up being new to BOLD, or even to science, which would be pretty cool.  And if not from my trap, maybe from one of the others, which makes the whole thing a worthwhile effort.

Thanks to the SMTP team for all your expertise and effort in managing this program, and for giving all of us the opportunity to participate in such an amazing science project.

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