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JPCI’s Garden – “The bees knees”

JPCI’s Grade 11 Biology students have decided on the perfect location for our Malaise Trap…. the school garden! After a survey of the school grounds, the students voted unanimously that this location would likely have the highest insect traffic. The garden is currently being prepped for spring planting activities. Both the students and the PACT Grow to Learn program staff are “bugging” out with excitement to learn more about the insect diversity in the garden.

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 11.36.51 AM


Stay tuned for more photos on deployment day!



Why do bees hum? Because they can’t remember the words.

How do snails fight each other?    They slug it out.

Two flies are on the porch. Which one is an actor? The one on the screen!


First week

Hi, we’re the grade 6 class at Chesley District Community School, in Chesley, ON. We set up our Malaise trap on Monday morning and our first thought was: this trap is so big, it must catch a lot of bugs! The next day we found out we were right, because not even 24 hours had caught bugs up to the first line. We chose the spot that we did because it is a fenced in area that cannot be disturbed by other students, and it is right next to a garden that is buzzing with wildlife at this time of year. We estimate that there will be lots of flies, bees, and other bugs that like weeds a lot. Our class appreciates nature and we are so excited to see what we have caught in our trap as citizen scientists!