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Trap Deployment Reminder!

Hello #bioSMTP participants!

We are approaching trap deployment; Sept. 21st is just around the corner! Please remember to set up your trap and have the first collection bottle ready to go on Monday morning (Sept. 21). We encourage you to set up your trap tomorrow so that come Monday morning, all you will have to do is screw in the week 1 bottle and make trap observations (store bottle lid in a place you will remember!).

Report Catch Volume
Recall that we ask you to let us know at the end of the first week how your trap is doing. We will send out another reminder, but please send us an email indicating your catch volume on Friday, Sept. 26th.

Collection Bottle Send-off
Please have your collection bottles and Malaise trap packed and ready to be sent via FedEx on Monday, Oct. 5th. Please arrange a package pick-up time with FedEx for this date. Further details will follow.

Don’t forget to keep up the great blogging work! We encourage you and your class to take a picture with your Malaise trap (#SMTPselfie) once it has been set up as well as tell us about your schoolyard habitats. Please feel free to blog, tweet, or add these pictures/comments to our FaceBook page.

If there are any questions please let us know. We are here to assist you at every step along the way and there will be more reminder emails to come!

Happy Collecting!

School Malaise Trap Program Team

Swan Lake Outdoor Centre is Malaise Trap Ready!

Walking the site today we have been keeping an eye out for the best place to place our trap as we do our site walks today.  We cannot wait to get students involved in helping us set up and monitor the trap.  Since we will have different school groups every day of the monitoring cycle, we are still working on how best to expose them to the program.  The excitement builds!


Thank you to all who applied for this Fall’s 2015 version of the School Malaise Trap Program! This version, we received an overwhelming amount of applicants to the program (~ 150 schools) from across Canada. We are thrilled with this response, and it is because of your continued enthusiasm and support of the program that we have become so successful.

We are pleased to announce the following 64 sites have been accepted into the 2015 Spring School Malaise Trap Program. Congratulations to all!

2015 Fall School Malaise Trap Program Participants:

School Province or State
Fr. Scollen School AB
Holy Cross Catholic School AB
Kate Chegwin Jr. High School AB
Monsignor JS Smith AB
New Horizons School AB
St. Michael AB
Sundre High School AB
Two Hills School AB
Arrowview Elementary School BC
Brooksbank Elementary School BC
Columbia Park Elementary BC
David Hoy Elementary BC
École Cedardale BC
Glenwood Elementary School BC
James Kennedy Elementary BC
Maple Ridge Secondary BC
Mount Moresby Adventure Camp BC
Nukko Lake BC
Salt Spring Elementary School BC
West Bay Elementary School BC
Oak Lake Community School MB
Onanole Elementary MB
Belleisle Regional High School NB
Moncton High School NB
Rothesay Park School NB
Random Island Academy NL
Chedabucto Education Centre/ Guysborough Academy NS
Cobequid Educational Centre NS
Assiginack P.S. ON
Blair Outdoor Education Centre ON
Camp Heidelberg Nature Centre ON
Colchester North ON
Crestview Public School ON
Cyril Varney Public School ON
Denlow PS ON
Eastdale CI ON
Elmvale District High School ON
Hamilton District Christian High School ON
Heartland Forest Nature Centre ON
Lorne Park Public School ON
Marchmont Public School ON
Nipigon Red Rock District High School ON
Patrick Fogarty Catholic S.S. ON
St. Anthony’s School ON
Stayner Collegiate Institute ON
Swan Lake Outdoor Education Centre ON
Swansea Public School ON
The Riverwood Conservancy ON
The York School ON
Thousand Islands Intermediate and Secondary School ON
Timiskaming District Secondary School ON
Toronto Botanical Gardens ON
W. R. Best Memorial Public School ON
Warden Avenue Public School ON
Woodbine Junior High School ON
Miscouche Consolidated School PEI
École Ducharme SK
M.C. Knoll SK
Preeceville School SK
Whitewood School SK
J V Clark YT
La Jolla Library CA
San Diego Central Library CA
Scripps Ranch Library CA

Where will the trap go?

In order to decide where our trap would be set up, we asked each class involved to submit three suitable locations. Then, we compiled the suggestions. Due to common ideas, we had a selection of 5 different locations. We then created ballots and had each grade involved vote for the best location.


Above is a map of our school property and the five locations are indicated by color-coded sticky notes.


We collected the ballots and created a bar graph. Each class had a different coloured ballot. The location decided upon was the the football field.

A snowy start


Today we started the School Malaise Trap Program. We are from Landmark Manitoba. Landmark is a small town right in the middle of Canada. Our school has 250 people our town has 2300 people.

We put the trap in the back of the school by the soccer field. We put it in the back to keep it sheltered from the weather and from people. This morning we woke up with snow on the ground so we might not have many bugs for a couple of days.

Cole and Vital

We’ve Got Mail

The box arrived this week! The whole class was so excited to open it that they stood around and watched. The package came with lovely buttons that the Bio 11 class sported all day. Hope the bugs on our buttons are as cool as the ones we find in our trap!

This is a collection of one of our many excited students. He was more than happy to rip open the box and display the goodies that were inside to the whole class.

“Caution: Fun ahead!” Our Bio 11 class looking good while posing with the green caution tape.

Monday, April 20th is the first day of trap deployment!


Monday, April 20th, is the first day of trap deployment. Please secure the week 1 bottle on the trap at the beginning of the day.  On Friday, April 24th, please remove the week 1 bottle at the end of the day and store it in a secure, cool and dark location. The Malaise trap will remain set-up over the weekend (April 25th & 26th), with no bottle attached. On the morning of Monday, April 27th, please secure the week 2 bottle to the trap. At the end of the day, Friday, May 1st, please remove the week 2 bottle and repackage the Malaise trap and samples in the original shipping container. Come Monday, May 4th, packages are to be shipped via FedEx back to BIO. Further shipping instructions to follow.